HackHD - FAQ
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do I need electronics background to use the HackHD?
No you do not. The board comes with instructions on where to screw in the included accessories so as long as your not using your own accessories you will be able to use the camera just fine without any electronics experience.

Does the HackHD take photos?
Yes! Our newest firmware can now take photos in 5MP and 9MP resolution and even has timing capabilities.

Does the HackHD work with microSDXC cards?
Yes the HackHD now works with microSDXC cards with the installation of any of our firmware upgrades avaialble here. The original firmware will record on microSDXC cards but may corrupt the video if the file size gets too big so its highly recommended to install the firmware upgrade.

Can I use a standard size SD or SDXC card with the HackHD?
Yes! This is now possible with the use of a microSD to SD card adapter which are available for purchase here. Standard size memory cards are cheaper than micro size and are available in larger sizes. Currently the biggest SDXC card on the market is available in 256GB compared with the biggest microSDXC card which is only 64GB. At an average rate of 100MB per minute, this means you can get almost 42 hours of full HD video on a single 256GB SDXC card.

Can I get the camera to perform continuous recording?
The HackHD can now allow continuous recording by installing on of our two firmware upgrades available here. This upgrade allows the HackHD to delete the first 10 minutes worth of video when the memory runs out so it has space for a more recent video. With an external power supply or large battery, this is a perfect option for security camera in order to always have the last 5 hours or so worth of video saved on a 32GB microSD card or 42 hours or so on a 256GB standard size SDXC card used with our microSD to SD card adapter. By connecting the video out signal to a DVR, you can still have months worth of video in standard definition recording to a hard drive. Some DVR's even allow for a relay to be activated if there is motion which can be to trigger the HackHD to record so you can have months worth of useful 1080P video recorded to the HackHD's memory card at the same time.

What if my power source disconnects while recording a video?
If you lose power before the HackHD has a chance to save the video, the video will likely become corrupt and you will not be able to open it. For this reason it is important to properly secure your power source to the screw terminals. Videos automatically save in portions of 4GB with our standard firmware or 1GB chunks with our continuous recording feature. Update: Our newest firmware now allows the enduser to easily program the video chunk length which is perfect if your taking the HackHD on a flight and want to make sure the video saves before a harsh landing.

You mention the voltage should be 3.7V but include a 3 x AA battery holder which is generally 4.5V. Why?
The HackHD can actually tolerate up to 5.5V of power without damaging it. Since 1.5V AA batteries are common, we have opted to include the holder for them instead of a 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery since the Lipo batteries are complicated to charge. Please note that AA batteries do not last nearly as long as LiPo ones.

My camera is not recording, what are the best ways to troubleshoot the problem?
Try formatting your microSD card in FAT32, exFAT, and then FAT to see if its a potential problem with the way the memory card was formatted. If all these methods fail, try a second microSD card. If your camera is not turning on, make sure the LED and button is properly connected and feel the microcontroller to see if it has any heat (incase your LED is broken). Make sure your using the right type of switch that will ground pin1 and pin3 for as long as your holding it, you must release the hold/switch in order to activate it, you cannot just hold it down. Also check with a multimeter that you have at least 3.7V of power and that the battery or power supply has a current of at least 1100mAH. If your camera only records for a short time or turns off and then off, it is most likely a power issue or your wires for the power supply are too thin, try using a higher gauge wire without a breadboard. If none of those methods solve the problem, please contact us.

Can I solder wires to the sensor in order to place the lens somewhere off of the board?
This is possible but would not be any easier on our camera than a GoPro camera and may affect quality issues as the sensor should be as close to the other board components as possible. Click here for a picture of our sensor. Click here for a picture of the back of the board where behind where the sensor is mounted.

Do you give bulk discounts or a dealer program?
We have discounts available for purchases of 10 cameras or more. Email sales@hackhd.com for more info. If you own a business we also have a dealer program, click here for our dealer page.

Is there any warranty?
Since the HackHD is a hobby board without any casing, there is no warranty. Problems with the camera should only happen if the user did something wrong so as long as you don't provide more than 6V of power, get the board wet, or drop it, you shouldn't have any issues with the board failing. All cameras are fully tested before shipping and packed to avoid damage.